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The road to your career goals doesn’t have to be that bumpy. We’ll find your strengths, optimize your resume and LinkedIn, and map out the important skills that match your career path. The time is right to finally discover the job opportunities that suit you best.
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CareerAnalytics on mobile
CareerAnalytics on mobile
CareerAnalytics on mobile

How career analytics can help you

Our tools and guidance will help you stay on the right track to your career goals.

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Your Employability

Find out how employable you are, based on your Career Score and to what extent you tickle the (robo) recruiters.
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Resume optimization

Update your profile and download your customized resume based on your profile for free.
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Job Title Demand

Discover where you stand in today’s world of career opportunities and find out which skills are most in demand for your job title.
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Intelligent job match

Explore a range of job opportunities that match your profile, learn which aspects of your resume match a job opening and apply directly.
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What can you learn from your Career Score?

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nr.1 Learn about the desirability of your profile
nr.2 Learn what actions to take to better your career
nr.3 Learn which of your skills are in high demand
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